From:Sverre e-mail:sve***
Subject:British Hendersons back in the day Date:Fri Nov 16 23:11:39 2012
I recently found some quite interesting Henderson images at a British site for historic photos. Those seems to be images taken for advertising new models, starts out with the very early like 13-14 model and ends up with what seems to be a 28ėsh de-luxe.
All bikes needs to be new as their paint is really shiny, anyway what intrigues me is some of the late de-luxe photos where the one looking as if a 28 from the dash an carb have the old fork still. Even if the old fork is still fitted there is a front brake added, odd!
There is another de-luxe with a very strange front headlight and several other strange modifications according to what is supposed to be "normal". Did the factory make specials for England, Europe? or did they just get rid of old parts?
Wish someone had these pics full size and without watermarks to share;