Subject:RE: Deluxe short tanks Date:Mon Oct 29 17:23:26 2012
Response to:4316

I would have interest. Would you be making them? Standard threads would be
nice too. Some of the Indian repops have metric threads for the gas, oil and
petcock holes.

Does anybody have any interest in repop Deluxe fuel tanks? I have been
approached about this and I too wonder if it would be feasable. Those old tanks
are getting hard to find and what is out there is rotten junk mostly. That guy I
see at the swap meets get around 1200 for those nice Harley ones. If done the
original deep drawing way, the tooling to pound out the sides is going to be
dear. Another tool for the nose piece would need to be done also. Then of
course the other fiddly parts and then final assembly. Any input on this would be
greatly appreciated.