Subject:RE: RE: 1928 henderson motor barn find Date:Mon Oct 15 11:31:56 2012
Response to:4311

If he's had it for 50 years he's obviously an "senior
citizen". He has no idea what the motor is worth (nor do
I, for that matter) but given all the responses you've
received, $2,000 is a steal. I hope you don't take
advantage of his ignorance.


Gary,where were you when my dad's 2 - K J's were sold
"given away".I think there are alot of people out their that
are MORE than willing to take advantage of someones ignorance.
It's sad for the seller WHEN they find out they were had, but
immediate gratification for the buyer/vulture at the end of
the deal... Juan... "WE'LL ALL GET OUR DO JUSTICE IN THE