Subject:RE: RE: 1928 henderson motor barn find Date:Sun Oct 14 00:27:27 2012
Response to:4309
Hello everyone
I did not get to see if the motor turns over or if it had broken fins etc. I did
see that the trans was still there not cut off the exhaust pipes were cut or
hacked off half way down I wil be going back try to get pics in the next few
days would like to check the #'s I know condition is the basis of the worth
and what one is wiling to pay
I was swamped with e-mail so posting on here try to cover all questions
Thanks for your patients Gerald


I have emailed you. Please send pics lets do a deal. I have a friend in
Texas that could pic the motor up.



I have a chance to buy a 1928 henderson 4 cylinder the guy said he has
had it for 50 or so yrs in his shop under a tarp with mag and carb but is not
sure if carb is right year? I can get pics and numbers if needed what is
somthing like this worth ?? He was asking like $ 2,000 I have no use for it
might it be worth looking into? Finders fees ?
Im in Texas
Thanks Gerald