From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Endurance Date:Mon Sep 24 11:51:08 2012
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Cannonball.

Endurance: 46% of the Hendersons finished with a perfect score, while only 28% of the Indians and 23% of the Harleys managed this feat. This is a testament to the great design of the Hens, and the dedication of Hen riders and mechanics. It's interesting that there were no Indian 4's or Aces on the run.

Endurance: Now that you're returning home and will have time to peruse the latest AMCA magazine, read Luke Griesbach's excellent article on another facet of Henderson endurance - Hen #1 is alive and well in Chicago.

The AMCA Highlands Chapter "mini-cannonballed" around West Virginia this weekend. 100% of the Hendersons came home with a perfect score. Fortunately, so did everyone else. After only 2 days of riding, my butt is sore - I can't imagine 16 straight days!

Again congratulations to the men and the machines.