From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: RE: RE: KICKSTART AGAIN Date:Wed Aug 8 19:02:14 2012
Response to:4230
Well here at the "funny farm" I discovered the repop kicker return spring ( got
to blame something) was pushing the kicker arm out enough to cause the
teeth to disengage. On the other side I made a "stepped" key for the drive
sprocket as I think I must be using a jd sprocket as the keyway is .250" and
the Hen shaft is 3/16" . Don't have too much faith in that so I put a drop of
green loctite on the taper and blue stuff on the threads. The sidecar brake
shoe material was way to agressive and tried to twist the wheel around the
frame, so had to make a stabilizer plate and changed the linings to good old
rivetted "raybestos" ( part of Canada's never ending contribution to worldwide
lung cancer, too bad it doesn't work as population control, there I go talking
to myself again)

Hey Barry, I used to have the same concern. I have had the badly bruised toes
to prove it. At the risk of over-simplication, On my bike, I found that if the
kicker is allowed to go down to the 3 oclock position, it never ever slips. The
arm must go down quite far to get off the cam that holds the gears apart
when the the arm is at rest. Once I got into that habbit, I never had a problem.

BTW I shipped your sprocket this morning.

Me again, talking to myself. Took the kicker mechanism apart and carefully
undercut just a tad the gear teeth that bolt to the mainshaft. Pretty crude but
seems to be effective and I didn't grind through the hardening. I think a
spring would help things but again it is a weird shape , what was it about
Henderson and square section springs?

there is NO way that Henderson could have sold thousands of 4's mostly
by donut chomping cops unless they came with a kickstart mechanism that
worked perfectly every time. today we are dealing with worn out and
heat treated gears. does anyone make quality replacements or should I have
some made?