Subject:RE: Next problem - A Short Valve! Date:Tue Aug 7 07:40:54 2012
Response to:4224
Maybe it was put together by the famous X hillclimber and employee Gene
Rhyne. Legend has it that when he worked for Al Crocker assembling engines
he drank a 40 ouncer each day!

After spotting the broken intake valve spring, I found something else amiss -
intake valve #4 is 1/8" shorter than the other three.

Yes, the others are 3-1/2" tall, but this one is only 3-3/8. All valves are
marked Thompson W.B. Did someone years ago just use a wrong valve?
Could there be a reason for this? My only thought on this would be the guide
is oversize and the short valve was available with an oversize stem? Just a
conjecture before I dig further.

Another question. The intake manifold has KJ-1722 stamped on the top of
the carb horn. On the bottom is a large "X". Does everyone have an X on
theirs? Does the X have any significance?

Dave Hennessey