From:Frank Brückner
Subject:RE: RE: Bevel gears Date:Thu Aug 2 16:15:36 2012
Response to:4122
Hallo, ich suche ein Satz Kegelräder und die Getriebehauptwelle mit den 2 Losrädern und dem Schaltrad.

Danke Frank Brückner

Hello, I am looking for a set of bevel gears and the transmission main shaft with the two loose wheels and the wheel. Thank you Frank Brückner

Hello, I may be interested in a set of gears for my 1928 Deluxe.
Please contact me at my email address or at the following phone number (714) 289-1606, or provide your phone number and I will call.
Chris Chemberlen

Hi, if anyone wants a set of bevel gears for Deluxe or KJ please email me. I am going to do some more and need to know quantity. So far I have over 10,000 miles on mine and they are not even broken in I saw this spring.