From:Andy Kaindl
Subject:RE: RE: Sizes of carb jets ;Float level? Date:Fri Jul 13 13:30:42 2012
Response to:4189
Thanks a lot Dave
I find out in
that i need a 20 Size idle jet mine is a 35 thats whi it runs to fat in the idle
do you know where i get a 20????

I believe they are #20(s)

Good luck with the float level! That seems to be a very fiddly thing. It helps a lot to have a viton tip on the needle. Mine drips once in a while when the bike is leaning on the Tracey Snap Jack with the fuel open. My T4X works great at all RPMs and all conditions.

Can sombody tell me the correct sizes of the idle jet and compensationjet and mainjet for my 1924 deluxe??
i have the correct T4X Zenith on it i the ealy version where the idle jet is screwed in and out also the correct Floatlevel could help
thanks a lot in front Andy