From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: An oil starvation FWI... Date:Tue Jul 3 14:35:46 2012
Response to:4159
Can you elaborate your theory a tad more for the "engineering challenged
"such as I ? If the pump is sucking the oil from the sump too efficiently isn't is
as well supplying the vital crank bearings at a more optimal rate? I could
understand concern if it was an inefficient Cleveland style splash system but
are not the crank bearings the most important recipient of the oil ? How
does the architecture of a KJ sump differ from a deluxe? That info may help
provide an answer/solution if there is a problem. Let me know as I have a KJ
pump on my deluxe as well!

I was wondering if anyone out there has a KJ oil pump on their Deluxe motor.
This was a fairly popular modification back in the day, I'm told. If you do you
might experience oil starvation especially with thicker oils and particularly
going up fairly steep hills or hitting the brakes while at speed. That is a pretty
big transmission housing back there. Not only that but depending on how
much bypass you are running you could be all but filling the gear cover too. I
was amazed when I took off my oil cap, engine running, in my shop, and
watched how low the oil level dropped as I increased engine speed. Now
imaging hitting the brakes and the pick-up screen is high and dry!

I do get intermittant oil starvation even if I over-fill the sump (in certain
conditions). I run Rotella. The 15-40, being a little thinner, seems to get back
to the pan faster even with extra holes in the sump cover. I going to develop a
new sump baffle system that will keep the oil near the pick-up screen during
braking conditions.

Kind of strange when you think about it. You put on a bigger pump and you
expect to be doing some good for the oil system but in fact, at the end of the
day you might have take a step back!!!