From:Dennis Henderson
Subject:RE: RE: clutch starting to slip Date:Tue Jul 3 12:54:39 2012
Response to:4154
Thanks Kris for the feedback. I should have mentioned that I have been running a filter since the rebuild. I also used the breakin oil for the first 100 miles or so and then replaced the filter and changed to the HD oil. Valvoline sounds like a definite possibility. Will see if others provide additional feedback on their oil preference. It's just starting to slip in high gear at full throttle and higher speeds.

I now have 800 plus miles on my 29 kj for the cannonball. I used aeroshell 65
(30 wt) for the first 200 miles. I then put on a filter and am using Valvoline
racing straight 50 wt. I have had zero issues with the performance and the
clutch (king) is working just as it should. I know the Indian 4 club had some
input on the different types and weights of oil and I took that information and
went with the Valvoline. The nice thing about this is that you can get it just
about anywhere and since I'm doing the cannonball I wanted an oil I can readily
find and is what I believe good quality. If your not running a filter then I
personally like the non-detergent (like aeroshell) which is supposed to keep the
contaminants at the bottom of the crankcase and not suspended like detergent
oils. Best piece of advice in my opinion is just change all and any oil often. It's
the cheapest insurance money can buy.

The clutch is starting to slip on my '31 KJ which has a fresh rebuilt engine and
about 300 road miles. I have new King Clutch plates and new clutch springs.
I've been using HD 20/50 regular oil with some ZDDP additive. Thinking of
switching to a synthetic oil that is wet clutch compatible without the using the
additive. I'd appreciate knowing what oil the Cannonball Henderson crowd is
going to use. Thanks.