From:Art McCormack
Subject:RE: KJ oil Pump Date:Tue May 15 14:01:44 2012
Response to:4066
I agree, there is a question of when Henderson began using the new oil pump.
I figure if KJ production began at 28000, my KJ being #29692, is not early 29 production, so most likely mine had the newer pump. I have never seen any production numbers so I can't say for sure.
I figure when in doubt, use the newer pump.
Thanks for the input. Art

Greetings, Oley was very educational for me. With all the KJ's there, It was easy to see all the things I had wrong. One thing in particular was the fact I am running a Deluxe Oil Pump. I would like to correct this. What I need is a KJ oil Pump and the larger oil sump pipe. I have the correct oil line already. Have the deluxe pump and sump pipe for trade if needed. Thanks, Art