From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: KJ oil Pump Date:Tue May 15 10:08:44 2012
Response to:4067
I heard the same thing as Dave about the oil pump on the first KJs, but I'm not sure if it is true.

The "57 New Features" pamphlet, which Schultz has dated February 13, 1929, lists:
18 - new oil distributing system
19 - new larger capacity oil pump
20 - new larger oil suction pipe

The illustration in the pamphlet shows the "set screw" type exhaust pipes. I can't see the oil strainer clearly. Of course, advertising was prepared way in advance due to printing technology of the time, so pre-production bikes were often used as models. And actual production changes might not have happened as soon as planned.

I wonder when the first KJs rolled off the production line? I suspect it was later than the normal Sept-Oct new model debut, but when?

RUMOR has it that the new chassis was ready, but the new engine wasn't, and Hen assembled some DeLuxe engines in KJ chasses. Probably not true, but who knows.

An interesting note can be found in the 1930 Parts List:

Photo 78, KJ-153, Oil Suction Pipe Assembly
"Owing to change in design, when ordering KJ-153 for motors with numbers below KJ-33355, it is also necessary to order Oil Pump Elbow, KJ-1090, new type."

Photo 186, KJ-1090, Oil Pump Elbow
has a similar reference to KJ-153.

S/N KJ-33355 would be early 1930 production. Perhaps they just changed the elbow and fitting on the pump end of the suction pipe ???

Anyway, my bike came to me with a DeLuxe oil pan, pump, pipe, and strainer. Subsequently, I picked up the KJ pipe and strainer. Carl Vandre said he machined out the pump to accept wider gears, making it internally the same as a KJ. I suspect he had some spare KJ gears, but not a spare pump body. Who knows? Maybe the gears came from something else.

Carl was a master - he added the dipstick to the DeLuxe oil pan, and it looks perfect. The DeLuxe pan still has a different "angle" towards the rear on the left, but the dipstick is very handy for checking the oil level.


What year is your KJ? I have heard that the first KJs had regular deluxe oil pumps and it was not until after the kj came out that they went to a larger pump because of the five mains among other early changes like reducing the lift on the intake lobes of the cam. I could be wrong on this but as soon as I read your message, that popped into mind. Don't worry, my whole Deluxe is wrong right down to the KJ OIL PUMP!!! (which I like...)

Greetings, Oley was very educational for me. With all the KJ's there, It was easy to see all the things I had wrong. One thing in particular was the fact I am running a Deluxe Oil Pump. I would like to correct this. What I need is a KJ oil Pump and the larger oil sump pipe. I have the correct oil line already. Have the deluxe pump and sump pipe for trade if needed. Thanks, Art