From:Dave Molnar
Subject:RE: RE: Counter-weighted crank shaft Date:Tue May 15 09:12:51 2012
Response to:4069

Wow, Gorgeous!

I'm sure you will NOT be disappointed! Now you can trim the flywheel!

Dave, Thats good to know. Here's a new billet counter weighted crankshaft for my Ace. The journals are a little bigger and its overall 6 US pounds heavier than stock. I hope I have the same success as you.

I little while ago I posted a picture of my new test crank shaft which I had counterweights added and two plane precision balanced to the rods and pistons. I just wanted to say that I now have 500 miles on that motor and it runs as smooth as any modern four across the RPM range. There is a very fine buzz but nothing like before. It spins up happily and a real pleasure on the highway not seeming to matter if the speedo says 70 or 80. I do believe the crankshaft whip that caused the always evident heavy wear on the center main journal could be a thing of the past. Its worth doing on deluxes FOR SURE if you plan to log lots of miles - just so everyone knows. The difference is like night and day.