From:Dennis Henderson
Subject:Oley Gathering Date:Thu May 3 11:11:34 2012
Friday was cold and windy but that didn't stop the largest gathering of Henderson motorcycles in our lifetime. I overheard two Harley Davidson guys walking by the display say "I thought Henderson's were rare, look at all of them!". I met a lot of great Henderson people including Steve's son. What a great day. Saturday the weather was better and although I had a two day ahead of me going home, I wasn't going to miss the meeting on the new Henderson parts under development. Unfortunately I missed the first 15 minutes as I had the wrong location. The group of Henderson enthusiasts involved in this project know what they are doing and provide many new parts available to owners restoring Henderson motorcycles. Watch out Cannonball competitors. The Hendersons are coming to compete. Thanks again to Dave and everyone that made this gathering happen. It was great to finally meet in person more of the Henderson owners!