From:Thomas FLH75
Subject:RE: Sunday Ride Date:Mon Apr 9 05:59:43 2012
Response to:3984
30F is a word Doug ! Had my first ride ever with my KJ last Friday at abt 50F. So it was the Maiden Trip for me. Had gone to a bikers meeting point abt 40km away. Very nice ride the KJ as long as you have fuel in the tank.... :-( On my way back after abt 60km i was stopped because of lack of petrol. Had filled the left side only and not fully. Had to learn tt a 4Cylinder has nearly a double consumption compared with my V2s. But my wife helped me out bringing me some of that good stuff. After 3 kicks the bike was running again and brought me home. I think my mistake was to wear a Hardley T-shirt udter an Excelsior T-Shirt under an Indian Sweater.... ;-)) The ones who understand german or know how to use google translator, can read the story and see some more pics in my Blog: