From:Marcin Okla-Anuszewski
Subject:RE: RE: seat pan Date:Wed Apr 4 16:36:42 2012
Response to:3971

have replied to your complaints about year ago
but looks like you didnt get it
should try one more time or contact me through paypal or something....

here is quotation from my responce:


Its hard to see anything on your pics
but if you are refering to this small darker spot
Its normal on natural leather, these days cows are rised in closed boxes and imperfections are very often from lil scratches from fences.
I use only natural leather no artificial one
and only artificial one is absolutely perfect in every inch
but its more like plastic or fabric rather than leather used back in times

and so on and so on

from what I have seen on pics there were lil imperfection
rather than hole
its in attachment...

if you cant live with that
there is only one way
send it back if its unused and I will refund
whole amount minus shipping
fair enaugh?

all the best