Subject:RE: Questions about 1919 Henderson Date:Thu Mar 29 00:25:50 2012
Response to:3961
I know both of the bikes the one is a model z that dose not run the other is a 1916 that dose not run even more. Gert is a very well known man he will ship what you purchased..............
Now for the 1919..... It is a peice of garbage all repo made by Hen the tank is the worst the frame is crook it is all wrong and all garbage. If you think it is safe to ride solid forgings then I will take an insurance policy out on you. we all know who did the paint. if you saw the bike up close you would laugh. he wants 80k usd for the pair. the model Z if it were good is over 100K. so even at the asking price of,,, if I remember correct 40 euros it is worth flying over to the Netherlands and seeing in person @ about 900usd round trip.
If you are willing to spend your money then you should be willing to spend a few to protect yourself. the motor dose not run and nothing is hooked up.
That said Gert is a nice guy and has always been a good dealer to whomever he sells to. it is just a consighnment.
and he more than likly would not want to answer questions on it.

I've been into antique mc's for over 20years.always wanted a Henderson
4.i finally have the chance to get one(and the $).found a 1919z and I am
concerned about some issues.The bike is overseas at yesterday's and I am
told there are no visible numbers on the frame or engine.should that raise a
red flag?I have detailed pictures.Please post or E-mail me.