From:Doug Strange
Subject:RE: RE: 100th anniversary Date:Wed Mar 21 23:27:13 2012
Response to:3942
Rich Schultz has indicated that he would like to attend Oley this year. We're discussing the reprint and possible update of his Henderson book.

Oley 2012 - Ciccalone Gathering of Hendersons

Steve Ciccalone had been planning a special celebration for the 100th Anniversary of the Henderson motorcycle at the Oley swap meet this year.

The Ciccalone Gathering of Hendersons will go on, even though Steve will not be able to join us. Doug Strange has arranged with the Perkiomen Chapter to have our Henderson display at the flagpole, near Steve’s old vendor space.

I’ll be bringing my 1930 KJ for the display. Bill Potter will bring his original rust DeLuxe - winner of the Perkiomen’s prestigious "Wire Brush Award" back in 2002. Will you be bringing yours?

Richard Schultz concluded his seminal book "Hendersons – Those Elegant Machines" with "…what a glorious day it will be in the year 2012 to celebrate the Henderson CENTENNIAL"

I hope that every Henderson owner will join us for this glorious day.