From:Mark Addis
Subject:RE: Barn fresh 24 De Luxe Date:Mon Feb 6 11:20:22 2012
Response to:3867
Hello Henderson Enthusiast,

Very happy to be part of the group. If you had a chance to look at the pic of my recently acquired 24 DeLuxe, it is nowhere close to being complete as I had jokingly stated. My initial interest in the bike was the 28/29 Harley JD frontend with brake, to put on my 27 JD. After I got the bike home, I decide the Henderson is just to fasinating, to pass on the opertunity to restore it myself. With that said, The Henderson is new territory for me and I need info and a lot of parts.

I thought Richard Schultz's book "Henderson - Those Elegant Machines" might be a good place for me to start. If anyone has a extract copy they would be willing to part with, I would be happy to buy it.

As far as parts go, seems like some key parts I need are not reproduced, or I have not found the right contact as of yet. First things I am trying to find are a frontend (forks, fender, handlebars, horn, headlight), intake manifold, T4X Carb( I have one, but it has a badly cracked throttle body),rear fender, later model drop center rims, later model front brake, battery box, splitdors generator.

Well this is a good start, I have other projects in front of this one, so I have time on my side and no rush to get the 24 DeLuxe project completed. Thanks for your help.

Check out Mark Addis' barn find - from our home page, click on 1911-1928 Hens, and scroll down a little.

A note from Mark:

FYI: I tried to purchase the Henderson book from Richard Schultz, but his wife told me that it has been out of print for 2 years and they have no plan for re-prints.