From:Steve Thielicke
Subject:RE: 28-31 super x gas tanks Date:Sun Feb 5 11:52:58 2012
Response to:3852

I have a set of these tanks and want to know what the threads are on the top of the tank and the pet-cock threads. I want to chase them but I don't want to strip them out!!!


I thought that I would post a picture with the thread sizes written on it but that didn't work for me.
The left 1929-31 Super X tank
dash mounting hole is 1/4-20 NC
gas and oil caps are 1 1/2-20 NS
hand oil pump is 1-20 NS
3 frame mounting holes 5/16-18 NC
2 gas and oil outlets for the petcocks 1/4-18 NPT
the hand oil pump outlet might be 7/8-24, I say might be because my tank is stripped out on this hole, the fitting that screws into this hole only measures .832, I have several, they all seem to measure the same, seems like a bit sloppy?

The right hand tank is mostly a mirror image with fewer holes.

Hope that this helps.