From:Gene Harper
Subject:RE: DU-7 reproduction Date:Fri Dec 2 16:26:48 2011
Response to:3794

I thoroughly bench tested Antonio's prototype DU-7 and gave him a list of concerns, all small things that needed to be corrected. He willingly made all those changes, such as using std. hardware and making sure his new parts would interchange with the old. His work is outstanding and I would reccomend his product, I have one for my 31 Chief. The performance is right in line with the original DU-7. I installed one of my voltage regulators ( and it will put out about 6.5 amps max. That is slightly higher than the original unit.

If you contact Antonio, tell him I said Hello!!

Gene Harper

Hi all:
I'm toying with the idea of purchasing a reproduction DU-7
from the Splitdrof Ignition Parts Co. over the pond.
Any of you out there tried one of these units and have any
thoughts on them??
Their website looks to have some well made units.