From:Jim Walther
Subject:RE: Indian 4 Exchange Date:Thu Jul 28 21:31:36 2011
Response to:3575
The 4 Club has a private Facebook Group that we use like you folks use this nifty forum. We can exchange ideas and post pictures and it's pretty secure, as internet things go anyway.

Advantages: FREE; secure

Disadvantages: a bit clumsy, at least to me (I'm not the most internet-savvy person...) Also the security has a downside - only members can see the group, so no one can contribute unless they are invited to join and approved by one of the group's administrators. In other words, unlike allowing me to post on this exchange, you couldn't even read, let alone post on our FB group without becoming a member.

We are working to enable a chat room on the Club website, but that's down the road a piece.

The KJ Exchange is an excelent site to exchange information on Hendersons. I am looking for a similar site for Indian 4's. Does anyone know if this site exists and of so what is it called. Thanks, Russell.