Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Ripped off by Antique motorworks in Oregon Date:Thu Jul 28 08:33:25 2011
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Here's a real time example, July 28, 2011, of the valuable service Matt Smith at Antique Motorcycle Works provides.

My friend Bud Redmond, pictured here, recently recommended that I correct the worn intake rockers on this 1917 Henderson engine. After pondering bushings and oversized bolts I got a tip from Mark Hill that Matt had made up oversized rocker shafts already. Not only were they available same day but he offered to lend me the reamers necessary for the job.

It doesn't get much better than that. Thanks guys!


I would never do business with this company again. They dont have a clue

They lie to you and promise they will fix the problem and then nothing. Save your
money or light it on fire before you spend it with these guys.

They are in Beavercreek OR.