From:russell hughes
Subject:RE: New KJ Cylinder update Date:Sun Jul 24 15:33:11 2011
Response to:3647

It looks like a true piece of art work. Glad to see it come to fruition.

Our first casting was made 7/14/11. This is casting was made in time to be shown to a few people at the Wauseon meet. Everyone that saw the casting liked it, and could see no difference from an original casting. Tooling to machine the cylinders has been made. The first KJ cylinders will be machined in the next week or two.

My team is also working on a new head/intake manifold. This new intake manifold will have a number of improvements. First it will have a much better air flow than the original intake manifold. In the original design the air had to flow around bolt columns and push rod columns. Additionally the air had to flow up and down to get past the spring pockets. In our new design the air will flow in between the head bolts and bypass the original restrictions. The new design will look almost like an original on the right side. The left side will not. However, the left side will not be seen as easily because the gas tank covers it up. The new design uses a single carburetor that will accept 2 bolt and 3 bolt carburetors with no adapter. The carburetor will protrude 1/2 out further, otherwise the carburetor is in the original position.

Cylinders and prototype intake will be at the Davenport meet for inspection.