From:russell hughes
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE.Indian exchange Date:Wed Jul 20 22:28:46 2011
Response to:3623

I will help support an Indian 4 Exchange.

I know that I am speaking for others as well as myself when I say that the KJ Exchange is well managed and well used. its overall consept and structure is well liked and thought out.

Anybody know about this site.

Hmmm, ??? ???

I can set up a website for the Indian Four Exchange, but I will need $300 a year in donations to maintain the site.

The site supports itself through donations. The site supports itself through donations.

So, I'll need a show of hands (poised above checkbooks) to see if the proposed site will pay for itself. I'm not in this to make money, but I'm not in this to lose money either. (I'm one of those retired guys on a fixed income).

Meanwhile, you Indian Four guys can feel free to post stuff on the HendersonKJ site - with one proviso - at the next AMCA meet - I'll let you ride my Henderson Four - if you'll let me ride your Indian Four. Or Ace, or Cleveland Four.

Of course, that invitation always stands - we're all members of the Four Cylinder Club.

Dave Hennessey

I would bet if someone would sell him one for next to nothing he would set it up......

A nice running 402 would grease the skids...