From:Barry Brown
Subject:35K for the bike alone or 50K with sidecar plus extras Date:Tue Jun 14 21:48:31 2011
Response to:3536
Firm prices as I know of a roach that recently sold on Ebay for 25K.
for 35K you get the best engine you will ever see with super desirable Ricardo
cylinders that will make it fly. all you need to do is find an expert who can do
the final assembly. comes with a rebuilt generator, mint correct Zenith t4x
and magneto etc. All the chassis is ready to go if you like the barn find look!
mint sheet metal, no rust perfect original tank, all new fork spindles and
bushes and spring, new wheel bearings, tires etc. Canadian title! in MY name!
for 50K you get an extra magneto, an extra generator, a super rare set of 3
(6) wheel discs, a semi Flxi sidecar with matching patina and new floor and
upholstery. a pair of rare Clymer spotlights the same as on Bennett's record
breaker and many small spare parts. PLUS all my Henderson literature plus
original letters from Wells Bennett himself .PLUS Rick Schultz' great book I
will even take the ever shrinking American greenback ! act now before Ebay or
I find someone who can get it running and I decide to keep it! Will crate and
ship anywhere in the world.

As many of you know these things can be a money pit but my biggest concern
now time , did you see that the average age of AMCA members is 59 and I
well over that! I have too many years and too many thousands invested. I
to get back to my other bikes and cars. It is a good one, never any welds on
cases, all new tranny gears,King clutch, reverse. All engine work done line
and decked by Mark.Hill, has Ricardo cylinders, coated pistons new valves
guides spings etc. etc. etc. just needs final assembly which has proven to be a
Rubic's cube to me. there are a lot of extras including a sidecar so the price
be discussed. If you like the barn fresh look this one has it. but with new
bearings and tires etc. I have an optional set of rare wheel disc covers as well.
Sorry to see it go but I'd rather be riding my Indian 4. Barry 613-273-5036