From:Doug Strange
Subject:Sidecar Date:Mon May 30 22:29:26 2011
Today I finally hooked up my Goulding sidecar to my KJ. This machine belonged to John Scharle originally and then to Cliff Pease who added the sidecar. The front mount, rear mount and center male post under the seat were homemade. But Cliff ran the bike in tours. I changed the rear mount to one I obtained from John Rhodes. It had original light grey paint and was missing half of the tube clamp which I remanufactured and repainted the attachment in grey. In the attached photo, I have Cliff's homemade piece next to the grey one to show how much longer it is. I'm wondering if the gray one is actually for a DeLuxe. Or is it for Excelsior. On my Ace I found the sidecar chassis on a 4our is wider than mounted on a twin cylinder motorcycle.

It tends to pull the sidecar frame too close to the machine and causes clearance problems with the nuts on the center mount that bolts over the sidecar frame. All this points the sidecar to the outside and pushes the motorcycle away from the sidecar. I'm wondering if I should go back to the homemade mount.

Can anyone give me advice on properly setting up the sidecar on a Henderson? I rode the rig today but kept the speed down intentionally.
Doug Strange