From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Right Hand Shift - John Rhodes Date:Thu May 26 15:09:15 2011
Response to:3519
John has another rh-shifter part for your project!

Never seen one of these. Did the tube attach to the gas tank mounts? Or somewhere else?

Dave, Can't post on KJ Exch for some reason when I hit reply. I'll leave the posts up to you experts anyway.

I had a KJ like this, with the tube. The shifter pivot stud when through the tube on the frame from the right side, and an arm that resembles the bottom end of a stock shifter, was attached to the long shaft. I have this arm, NOS.
John Rhodes

Well Dave , all I have is a right hand shift lever , perhaps the start of a project ??

Perry Ruiter pointed out that the police bikes in the last picture on this page all have right hand shift.

Well, that was 6 months ago, and I did add this fact to the page, but I don't think I ever posted anything about it. So I am now. Close up attached.

Does anyone have, or have ever seen, this setup?