From:Sven-Olov Eriksson
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: KJ maroon colour code Date:Fri May 20 03:53:40 2011
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Hello Gents
Thanks again for your interest, knowledge, commitment and willingness to share your knowledge. I just ordered samples of all proposed colors and will paint up some test samples and later put the pictures on for your assement.

The supplier will be DuPont and in the form of thinner-based medium-gloss solid colors. Sorry that I have not found or have access to any supplier of Ditzler or Sherwin Williams paints and have therefore to rely on that DuPont can deliver paints that are consistent with the original suppliers. Attached images copied from the examples available on

Sven-Olov Eriksson

Wow... Steve, once again you amaze me! Not sure where I heard all that stuff from. I hope there was a maroon available at the Schwinn plant in '28... or I really dropped the ball! [already headin' for the bench]

Anywhay, here is some paint info on the '68 ford royal maroon like I used. Maroon

Dave, to be technical, Ford USA did not offer maroon on a car until 1929, called Mulberry Maroon and only on a rare body style called a Towncar (not to be confused with Town Sedan). In 1930, they released Ford Maroon and Ford Maroon Medium. That notwithstanding, there were many other cars painted in maroon. At that time, there were only a few bases and about 10 tints that formulated all the paint colors of the era. IMO, one may select any period maroon and it would closely replicate the Hen/X maroon. Personally, I like a 1940 Ford color called Mandarin Maroon. It is a deep true maroon that if weathered fades to a brownish tone that I've noted on the few original Hen/X parts that I've seen.

My understanding is in 1928, Ford offered a few exciting new Dupont enamel colors for the Model A. One of these was called Model A Ford coach royal marroon. I believe that this was the same color used at the Schwinn factory. After some research I found a few companies on the internet that would mix this color for big bux. Further research showed that ford used this same color in 1968 also calling it Royal Maroon. My local body guy was able to have this reproduced as a stock color (and much cheaper) in an Acrylic Urethane that is holding up rather well, given the beating I have been putting it thru.

There is no metalic in this paint. Being somewhat opaque, it is rather difficult to get a good solid color without doing 30 coats. My guy recommended to first coat in black and then a few coats of the red. It worked out pretty good.

I also have the cream color powder coat for the wheels. I got smaoe of this from Carl Vandre some years ago. It is also a stocking color. I am certainly no expert but I was pleased with the results of both.

Hi Gents
Wonder if there`s anyone out there who have a color code to the Henderson Maroon Red. It will be used for a Super x 750 -31. Alternatively if anyone has a another color code / maroon as they knew were used for the Super X in this period / year. I enclose a picture of a great looking burgundy / maroon KJ with a color scheme that I believe matches the original color of my Super X.