From:Tom Lovejoy e-mail:Tom
Subject:RE: Henderson advices needed Date:Thu May 12 01:18:27 2011
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My forks seemed very stiff to I thought. However when I am running down the road with just minnor bumps. I was surprised I could see the fork moving, it was indeed working. I run HD 20 - 50 wt, with good luck so far. Interested to hear others thought's.6000 miles on mine thus far in 14 years of riding, thanks to Andie Davies.

OK gentlemen, I`ve now had several evening trips with my Henderson De-luxe, each time we`ve arrived home safe & sound.
I dare to ask those of you with more experience some questions based on my riding so far;

The Henderson de-luxe front fork, how big a pot hole is needed to get any movement or did I do something wrong during reasembly? I find the fork very stiff indeed compared to my 1927 Harley JD.

I know this was discussed some years back, where do I get a proper V-belt to drive my generator. I have tried with O-ring, gets fu"d up. My local belt supplier does have belts with the correct profile tough they are either to long or to short as they are in metric sizes. Any technical description in what belt I need and where to get is truly apprechiated.

There seems to be an issue with my oil press or gauge. When engine is hot when driving the needle seems to drop at occasions, even if throtle is maintained at constant speed. If I get worried and stop letting the engine rev at idle the oilpress seems to be stable at decent pressure. Is there any chance the pump cavitates? or is there an issue with the pressure valve or eventually my gauge beeing old? I will need to temporarily install a modern pressure gauge to find out. During the first 100miles I intend running the motor on a 15-40 mineral diesel oil, changing frequently several times to get rid of any deposits from breaking in.
Does anyone run their De-luxes on single grade 50 mineral wich I intend to later on or might this be wrong?

I rebuilt my generator with the Splitdorf reg. electronic cut off, this is working just great and I`m able to use lights as well as my siren whenever needed. I recomend this.