From:mark hill
Subject:RE: Oley AMCA Swap Meet Date:Thu May 5 09:28:38 2011
Response to:3465
Hi Dave,

I wish I could take credit four the Kl cylinder project,but I cant. Byrne, Cylde and Dale really are the driving force that is behind that effort. All I can do is thank them for taking it on. I will take credit for the Smile on J.R.'s face. Both Westfalls and John's single speed Detroits were there and humming. Two more weeks and I am off for the summer and my "summer job" starts. I need to get that same smile on some other's faces back to work.

Hey everyone,

I was busy staffing The Harley Hummer Club tent at Oley, but I ran into a number of Henderson guys at the meet:

Mark Hill gave a tech talk on KL cylinders. I was late (again) and only caught the last few minutes of his talk. Mark probably thinks I'm a real flake - and he's right.

I met up with Chris Ganz and his wife. Chris' wife is very supportive of his hobby - all I can say is Chris, she's a keeper!

John Rhodes was buzzing around the meet on various Hendersons. I waved to John as he rode by - maybe he saw me, maybe not. He did have a big SE grin on his face.

Dave Molnar is one heck of a guy. I bought a kickstarter from him last year. This year, he has a new improved version, and he fronted me one of them. I have to return the old one via some convoluted route involving Evan and Rhinebeck, but I'm sure it will work out somehow.

Evan Kuhn was driving around on his 1913(?) belt-drive Harley. Evan is Maryland's premiere antique motorcycle machinist (just ask him about the ten-thousandths tolerances he can keep on his new wire-EDM machine).

WARNING! Last year at Oley, I got to drive around on Duda's 1917 Harley - next year, I'm gonna stop Evan, and say "Evan, get off that machine and let me drive it".

Steve Ciccalone - we missed you.

Dave Hennessey

Harley Hummer Club Pictures from Oley: