Subject:RE: RE: KL Cylinders/Oley Date:Fri Apr 15 16:30:08 2011
Response to:3437
how about making some aluminum deluxe cylinders while you are at it ? with
an OHV conversion? watercooled?

I have had a couple of folks email already about the difference between the
KJ/KL cylinders. There is a great link on this site that explains the difference.
Under facts fables and differences. We do not have a price at this time as to

After I posted a few months back about the possible production of new
Henderson KL cylinders, I've had individuals contact me asking the status of
that project. We have assembled a team of individuals who are moving foward
with the project. The project will be led by Byrne Bramwell. Byrne is an
engineer by trade who started his career working for Pratt and Whitney. Clyde
Crouch will work with Byrne. Both are very good business men as well as
Henderson enthusiasts. I've worked for both of these men and I will attest to
their character. They are going to hunt down and get competitive quotes from
north american foundaries and pattern makers. Dale Stoner will perform the
machining operations at his machine shop. I will transfer some of the tooling
that I have at my shop to Dale's at Oley this year. Dale is one of the most
impressive tool and die people I have ever met. All 3 of these individuals have
exactly what we need in the areas of business, engineering and tool making
to make this project successful. There are a number of people who have
contacted me. We have 8 sets of cylinders spoken for at this time. We want to
get together as a group at Oley. Dale has already done the CAD file and is
open to sharing the progress that has been made to date. We would like to
use this forum to welcome anyone who is interested in the purchase of a set
of cylinders. We will post a time for the meeting at Oley soon. I am removing
myself from the direct sale of these cylinders infact I am going to purchase a
set for my own bike from the team heading up the project Thank you for
your consideration.