Subject:RE: EXCELSIOR HENDERSON WATCH FOB FOR SALE Date:Wed Mar 16 13:44:01 2011
Response to:3381
Look for the words Bastian Bros. cast on the back. They show up about once a year on eBay.

The only provenance on this is that I got it from John Giorno , Kenosha, one of
the first members of the AMCA. It was in a showcase along with many other rare
items that i purchased in the mid 80's. It is gorgeous. Dave Scherk thinks it was
made in the early 50's. I don't know. It could be an original 1920's that was
never abused. There is no hallmark or stamp on the back as Harley fobs had.
There were original items next to it from the early 1900's in equally stunning
condition so who knows. Cloisonee and detailing are perfect. You will not be
disappointed. asking 300 measly American greenbacks postpaid anywhere.