Subject:RE: New goodies Date:Wed Mar 16 13:29:57 2011
Response to:3376
Looks good Dave. Too bad you wouldn't have developed these a few years
back so I could have avoided "Babbitt Hell" !

Some of you are aware that I have been doing some R&D on a new Deluxe
high compression piston design and also some new "bearingless" aluminum

I just returned from two week trip to Florida and am able to report that some
400 miles of testing has been done on this test motor at various speeds.

I am very happy with the results so far. These rods bolt right on the crank as
is with .002 clearance. The pin is full floating and also bearingless. No more
fitting and fiddling with shims and shells. The rods can be reworked back to
the old shim and shell method if ever required. The rods are also available for
KJs. The dome pistons are working good too. There is a bark and a bite I have
not experienced before. There is tons of torque now too.

Email me if you would like more info on these parts.

BTW If you ever get to Ocala Florida - do the Don Garlits Museum! -
Conveniently located close to Eustis!