Subject:RE: Cutting Cutter8 Date:Thu Mar 3 07:15:33 2011
Response to:3349
Hey Mark, Reading all this I am beginning to think of Iganz as the "father of
planned obsolescence" sounds like the old Hens were built to be disposable like
a Bic lighter! Makes sense when the cops were your biggest customer. BB

Its 90 now and the mainshaft is 2 and 5/8ths inches from the tripple gear center
to center. Ahh, that's not where Schwinn put it but he should have. Time to go to
the lathe and make some bushings. All the geometry has been corrected. I
wonder if the cam is parallel to the crankshaft? Hmmmmm...... Blue printing is
fun. I have to get some of the peel of shims.