Subject:RE: Run of DeLuxe Valve Springs Date:Wed Feb 23 09:20:09 2011
Response to:3331
THOMAS, Please reserve a set for me. Thanks, Barry

Don't want to bore you to death with the details but it seems that the factory
offered more than one design of valve spring for their DeLuxe run. After a
few months of calls and research umong friends and fellow collectors we
think we have come up with what the factory was shooting for in their latter
version of the intake and exhaust valve spring. This spring has the larger
diameter wire and also the unique shape -if you look close the last turns on
both ends of this spring is reduced in diameter compaired to the rest of the
Anyway, I am currently making a run of correct new mfg DeLuxe valve springs
of this design due to be completed in appx 5weeks time. I am making
enough for only 25 engines unless response to this post is more favorable.
These springs are of chrome silicon, built with a set and shot peen relieved.
I add these to my already available (for years) valve springs for ACE thru 1935
Indian 4cyl and 1936-1942 Indian 4cyl. The next valve springs to be offered
soon will be for the KJ/KL model -redesigned using a full set of NOS springs.
So.....I will take names for them as well as I planned on only making 25
engines worth again.
Anyone with anything to add to this topic or past experiences please feel free
to contact me.
Thanks for your interest!
Thomas Fickau