Subject:RE: RE: 28 Delux clutch release brg assy. Date:Sat Feb 19 16:27:41 2011
Response to:3315
Cant thank you enough Steve for the diagram! Picked the balls this morning,assembled per your diagram and works great! Thanks again. Have couple questions, I have about 50 thou end play between release collar and pressure plate.Is that to much? Secondly Ive added a picture of the 2 release collars I have, the one on left is correct for the 28 Delux that Im using, the second one is approx 1/2" smaller diameter.What would be its application? Older Delux, Ks?I think its NOS.

This is a drawing I made when I was putting mine together - hope it is of some use. Steve

Trying to fiqure out the assy of release bearing on my 28 Delux. What size balls and how many? Have 2 different size release collars, 1@ 3-15/16" od and 1@ 3-11/16" od,the smaller dia dosnt thread to the presure plate so its probbaly not correct,what model would this be for? Also how many parts are for the assy? Thanks for any advice.