From:Fritz Buckendahl
Subject:RE: RE: 1925-28 Super X Gas Tank Question Date:Tue Jan 4 19:10:49 2011
Response to:3218
All this debate is very interesting, I have a 1925-26 Super X and I have a striaght tank and my mate's bike also a 1925-26 Super X has pockets in his tank. His bike was found in a barn here in New Zealand and was 99% complete (lucky bastard) when he had obtained the bike. His bike is a 25-26 because he has no front brake, tool box sits on the bottom of the frame and has an open front wheel gaurd like mine, and a 25-26 dash.

Is there any other differentances to look out for?

regards f


Does anybody know what years the gas tanks had pockets to allow the intake valve towers to clear the tank? I was under the impression this had to do with the high and low frames but my '26 to '28 X literature show all these models with the flat bottom tanks. Thank you.

All the books I have as well do not show the pockets in the gas tank, but my bike is a 28 and has an L in the serial # and if you look at attatched photo the rocker will not clear without the pocket in the tank.