Subject:RE: 1916 Henderson Stolen in LA Today Date:Fri Dec 31 21:30:20 2010
Response to:3239

Though I don't know Richard well, I have made it a point to say hello to him at the various Antique motorcycle meets, and he is without a doubt, one of the coolest guys you could ever want to meet.
His collection is astounding and it hurts me to think that some scum bag without a clue would violate such a great guy and such a great collection.
I live in So, Calif. so I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for those bikes.
I sure hope that they turn up fast and un harmed.
The good thing about this hobby, is that these machines are like fine art. There pretty hard to sell without someone noticing them.
I've got my fingers crossed!

I talked to Chuck Vogel and Richard Morris, aka "Rotten Richard" today. Early this a.m., Richard's 1916 Hen was stolen along with his 1916 Reading Standard and 1920 Excelsior from his building in Gardinia, CA just outside LA. The suspect is not an antique motorcycle guy and it is likely he will try to sell them for what he can get and hopefully not just for scrap. Matt Smith restored the Hen for Richard. Its dark blue and in pristine condition. The '16 Reading is brown and cream and also beautifully restored. The X is olive green, partially restored, and does not have a motor in it.

If by chance you suddenly hear that one of these uncommon machines is available, please let Richard 310)628-4249 or Chuck 310)613-3602 know.