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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: 1925-28 Super X Gas Tank Question Date:Sun Dec 26 03:15:21 2010
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Your friend's bike is an early 1927 model. The move of the battery box was widely advertised as a 1927 feature (see attached ad). The dash, front fender valances, revised front end, etc. came mid way through the 1927 production ... Perry


This is a photo of a friends 1926 Original Super X, registration label still intact. This forms part of my theory. Hope this helps and doesn't add more to the confusion.
Sorry Perry,
The parts list that I have and beleive to be '25,'26 doesn't mention the adaptor. Yes its listed in a '27 parts list. The reason I call my bike a '25 is because of the toolbox mount in the bottom of the frame & its number 2072. I could be wrong, my bikes weren't complete originals and history is unknown. From the information I have gathered my theory is 1925 toolbox mounted in bottom of frame, some time in '26 toolbox mounted up the top & '27 had cross over muffler & dash mounted instruments & valanced guards, '28 front brake.
There is no doubt other changes, I also believe that my bike isn't an export model as there is no emergency brake pedal.
Hope any of this may help, I'm currently restoring a '26 and don't won't to be claiming it to be something its not!!!
Merry Xmas

>The parts lists also dont mention the manifold adaptor required
Au contraire Graeme - the parts list does mention the low frame manifold adaptor. It is not illustrated, but just up the page from various cylinder top brackets you will find P4-9669 Intake Manifold Adapter. This, I believe, is the low frame carb adaptor.
Now as for when the low frame model came into being, Super X parts numbers seem to be just assigned in sequence as a part was needed (versus say a block of numbers for motor parts, another block for tranny, etc.). I don't think there are any P4-96xx numbers in the early parts book which covers 25 and 26. The April 1926 factory to dealer bulletin says this - "Two parts have been added since the Super X parts catalog was issued, viz., P4-9664 and P4-9665....". The point being P4-9669 comes after them so I would expect the engineering work on the low frame bike was being done after April 1926. The super sport intake parts all have P4-967x and 968x numbers so they were working on it around the same time. I believe the super sport was available as a mid year 26 model. I would guess maybe the low frame was available in mid-27 along with the new front end (yet your picture shows an early front end). I am however, very surprised to hear you have a 25 low frame model. That would seem to be well before they could have been available. What can you tell us about your bikes and their known history. Where do your serial numbers fall?
Now why there seems to be nothing in the brochures about the low frame models I have no idea why that is. I have a reasonable selection of factory brochures and the low frame isn't mentioned (or illustrated) prior to the 1929 brochure, but they were definitely made before then, just when the first one hit the streets is the unknown ... Perry

G'day Everyone on KJ Exchange
I have 3 Super X's '25, '26, & '27 All having the low frame & L Engine Numbers. I have never seen any literature to mention this. The parts lists also dont mention the manifold adaptor required but I have a parts lists that offers different size (length) cylinder top brackets. I thought we (Australia) must have been the only country to get them.

Does anybody know what years the gas tanks had pockets to allow the intake valve towers to clear the tank? I was under the impression this had to do with the high and low frames but my '26 to '28 X literature show all these models with the flat bottom tanks. Thank you.