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Subject:RE: RE: RE: POLICE MODEL HENDERSONS Date:Thu Dec 23 11:15:34 2010
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No pictures I've ever seen show a radio.

But, this probably gets into the "police frames" question - which I started to write up (with pictures), but never finished. There are two different KJ frames, the only difference is the bracket on the frame where the battery/toolbox and rear fender mounts.

If you look at the 1930 Streamline parts book (on the site under Facts, Fables, and Opinions - then Documents) on page 24, you can see picture 709, which is a single piece. The seat springs, battery/toolbox and rear fender mount to that piece. It is listed as KJ-5817. The vast majority of frames look like this.

Some frames, dubbed "police frames" by Steve Ciccalone, are different. The two lugs for the saddle are in the same place, but the cross-piece is a separate piece, and is mounted a couple inches rearward. It is stamped KJ-5042. The battery/toolbox requires some "L"-shaped brackets to reach back to the new cross-piece. The "L" brackets appear to be production, but there are no part numbers stamped on them.

It is theorized that this was done for police bikes to allow a larger battery. However, no one I've spoken to has seen a different battery/toolbox - including the other (I have one) half-dozen folks who have the "police frame". Since police accounted for a large number of Henderson, it stands to reason that this was done for some police equipment - either a larger battery for pursuit lights, or perhaps for a police radio.

The interesting thing is the part numbers. If you look at pictures 705 and 704, you'll notice that the part numbers (KJ-5040 and KJ-5041) are right in line with the KJ-5042, and picture 709 (KJ-5817) is way out of line. So maybe the "police frame" was really the first design, and the "regular frame" (with KJ-5817) was the second design.

However, the advertising pictures of early 1929 bikes show the regular frame with KJ-5817. "Police frames" show up today sporadically on 1929, 1930 and 1931 bikes.

There are two possibilities: (a) the "police frames" were sold by Henderson on special order for police; or (b) some of these frames were produced early on, but never sold on new bikes, and ended up being shipped by the factory to dealers as spare parts. Either one would account for the "sporadicity". [ yes, I made up that word ] Which one is correct? Who knows?

Hopefully, your research will help clear up this question.

Merry Christmas!


Doug, that KJ is an original Indianapolis Police bike. It was also in an AMCA calander a few years back. It does not have a radio.

To the original poster, if you scroll down through the messages, you will find a thread about black wheels on KJs. I remember several photos someone posted of police KJs but I'm not sure if they were radio equipped. I have a Bridgeport, CT PD photo of a KJ line-up, no radios.

One year at the AMCA Wauseon National Meet, there was a former police KJ, original paint. It was silver. The magazine also ran a story on the bike, but I can't recall the year. Look into the AMCA subject index. It would have been in the 1990's.

I WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE AND PHOTOS OF 1929-31 POLICE MODEL HENDERSONS USING POLICE RADIOS. If so i would love to see them to help with my research.