Subject:RE: No Cannonball No problem Date:Thu Dec 16 09:35:34 2010
Response to:3196
So the proposed route is basically a big circle of New York State? Well if that's
the case I think some of those Schwinn 4 bangers may have to suffer the
indignity of being 'lapped" by Springfield's fastest four.

Posting this for Steve. Great guy lets get the Hens out and show them how its
done. Frank may dust off the Humming Bird (cannonball 15 Hen) and run her
again.Barry think that old rat 36 four you have will make it ? The ride comes
deep into the heart of the fourth coast.

The 74 Shop's 2011 Great Upstate NY Challenge
In light of the cancellation of this year's Cannonball I've decided to announce
something I've been thinking of doing for quite a while now. I will be
organizing a 5 day Great Upstate NY Challenge totalling about 1250 miles. I
have hosted the 2008 AMCA Catskill Mountains road run and have hosted a
small road run out of my shop the past few years before the Rhinebeck
National. I was planning on doing something small again this year but since
there is no northeast AMCA road run this year and now no Cannonball I think
this may fill the void. It will be like the Cannonball meets an AMCA road run,
possibly similar to an old Gypsy Tour. I hope this may fill the void for those
who wanted to see another Cannonball and are were looking for an AMCA
road run in the northeast.

The details will be finalized before Jan. 1st.

I'm planning on a BBQ Sunday night after Rhinebeck in nearby Newburgh, NY.
I hope to have it at the new AMCA / V-Twin museum. Monday morning we
will travel to beautiful Ithaca, NY then Tuesday to Niagara Falls, NY followed
by Alexandria Bay, NY on Wednesday then Lake Placid, NY on Thursday and
end up Friday afternoon in Round Top, NY the sight of our 2008 Catskill
Mountains Road Run. The package will include an opening BBQ, ending
banquet, participation award with picture & frame, 5 days of route sheets, & a
support truck & trailer capable of up to 10 bikes. There will be awards similar
to AMCA road runs and a special sticker for all those who complete the total
milage. I am going to limit the run to the first 100 people. We had 125 on our
2008 road run and it was great, maybe I'll go to 125 if there is enough
interest. The only rules will be 35 years and older and kick only motorcycles.
Special rates will apply to pre-30 motorcycles and previous cannonballers
ride for free if they ride their Cannonball bike!

I will have all the hotel info, prices, parking arrangements, etc by Jan 1st. The
dates for the 2011 Rhinebeck National are Thursday June 9th through Sunday
June 12th. The check in date for the run will be 5PM or so on Sunday the
12th so it will not interfere with the meet and judging. We will end the run on
Friday afternoon upon our return from Lake Placid on Friday June 17th.

You will see the Hudson River Valley, Catskill Mountains, Finger Lakes,
Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, The St. Lawrence Seaway & 1000 Islands, Lake
Champlain, Adirondack Mountains and so much more. I love NY and I want to
show the best of it to my fellow riding enthusiasts.

All the details will be posted on my website by Jan. 1st

The 2008 Catskill Mountains Road Run was a hell of a good time and I plan
on bringing that vibe to this years run.

Steve Barber 845-389-7197