From:Steve Ciccalone
Subject:RE: RE: oil pump Date:Tue Nov 30 16:57:31 2010
Response to:3164
The 1916-1919 oil pump is more of a meter than a pump. It is worm driven off the idler between the pinion and the mag drive. It is similar to the type used on late teens early 20's Indians and Xs. The later style K and D pumps will not interchange on the timing covers without major work. I'll try and post a photo of the pump later.

The adjuster on the bottom is set for 15 drops a minute at idle I believe as stated in the rider's handbook (at least I remember this from '17). I know of a 1915 E Model that was owned once by an employee of Indian. He supposedly rebuilt the bike at the factory and it was never touched after that. It has an early Scout pump grafted to the cover, is painted Indian red and Chicago Hen tank decals on it, probably done in the early 20's.

Andy, what is the difference between the 1918 pump you need and a more common pump #K1550? I borrowed a K1550 pump from a kind gentleman (Dale Stoner)A: because he always supports my part improvement projects, B: he does not charge me for part usage and C: he wants a pump that has enough volume to generate 30 p.s.i. hot idle pressure.
Andy I understand some pumps use a ball for bypass, can you tell me which pumps these are?

Does anyone have a complete oil pump for sale for a 1918?
Thanks, Andy