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Thank you for the input.
The bike arrived yesterday, and when the truck pulled up, the driver looked out the window and said,"Everybody loves your bike."

The bike was purchased in Minnesota, then taken to a holding area in Chicago, then it got trucked all the way to California. So, a lot of people were probably saying, What the heck is this thing?

It is so beautiful, that words cannot discribe it. But, that's just me, after all, I am the proud papa. I'm sure that everyone who owns a KJ says the same thing.

I am still wondering if I am going to have to add any thing to the fuel, or can I just run straight gas right from the pump?

I was always told that with older engines, unleaded fuel will burn the valves.

I am running Shell Rotella in my Indian 4 as advised because of the zinc and
lifter wear consideration. I have also been advised that high test is
advantageous in any old engine , something about more complete
combustion and cooler running, could be bunk???

I use 25-50 pensoil racing oil in my deluxe with very good results even on
the hottest days. Its a little thicker than the rotalla 15w40. Some say to use
straight 50W. I live in Canada so it is a LITTLE cooler here (no I don't live in
an igloo). I like the heavier multigrades because they flow more easily when
cold. I'm sure this helps to get into the triple gear bearings and rear cam
bearing more easily on start-up. For gas I just run regular.

Pensoil racing and Shell Rotella oils are both higher in zinc. It's my
understanding that this helps with friction with traditional tappet engines.
These days zinc levels are getting lower and lower in motor oils because of
increased use of roller rockers and tappets. High zinc is a good thing
whatever you use.

Happy riding on your KJ!! I remeber that first time antisipation well! Mine
lasted 24 years.


Thanks, John.

I also am concerned about the Gasoline used, and if since todays fuels lack
the lubrication of Lead, do I need to mix anything with the fuel?
Usually, I would assume that a high octane premium fuel would be
appropriate, but since the Henderson engine is more like a small car, does
this apply?

I was thinking about Harley Davidson oil 20W50, but, I wasn't sure.

The motorcycle arrives today, so I am pretty excited.
This is a lifes dream come true for me.

I just want take things slow, and gather as much information as I can, Sort of
the doctors credo,"First, do no harm" Before I even try to fire her up.


Hi Marty:
The recomendation I had heard of in the past has been Castrol #GP-4T
20W-50 mineral oil. I have not had a chance to try it yet in mine but I trust
Castrol as a maker of good quality, high grade oils. You definately want a
high viscosity grade oil rated for air cooled motorcycle engines as the
henderson rear cylinders demand it. I have used a multi grade Olzium Harley
Davidson oil with good results.
Hello, Fellow KJ enthusiasts.
I am about to take delivery of a 1931 Streamline Henderson KJ, and I would
like to get some information on the fuel and oil/lubricants needed.

What octane fuel should I use, and what if any additives are needed? Also
what grade oil should I use?

Any helpful hints for a new owner of one of these magnificent machines
would be greatly appreciated.