From:christopher wilkes
Subject:1930 Super X engine breather question Date:Wed Sep 1 17:52:21 2010
Hi Super X fellow enthusiats,

i have a question on the engine breather on a 1930 Super X.
There are two breather pipes on this type of motor, which had not been fitted to the bike i have bought many years ago. As i am finishing a 20 years restauration, i could not find any information in the parts manuals i have. I just stumbled across these attached pics in the internet and spotted these breather pipes. On the left hand side, they go down straight to the bottom of the engine. On the right hand side the breather starts from the valve lifter and goes down in a bended curve to where ? What was the purpose of these pipes ? Some bikes pictured in the internet have got none of them, some just one breather and some two pipes? As i want to restore the old lady to original standard and have overcome a lot of troubles within the last twenty years with good help from friends allover the world and valuable comments and help from people in this board, my question is:
Can anyone help me please what is correct?
Are they just breathers or what where they made for ?
Is there any original pattern to follow ?

Thany you very much and kind regards form Germany