From:Ross Weymouth
Subject:1917-19 Hendersons numberig Date:Sun Aug 8 01:29:23 2010

I have only recenly got onto this forum as I thought it was only for KJ's. I noticed the forum had the article on my restoring the 1917-19 down under. Since that article got around I have restored the original engine and am now working a second 1917/18.

The reason 1919 was mentioned in the article is that there is a numbering system around that has a 2H engine put out in that year. I dispute that as the sumps on my 2H were made in May 1918 and the bike was first registered early in 1919 and it would have taken up to two months to be shipped to Australia.

If any one has acurate numbering for the 1917 to 1919 bikes with both frames and engines I would be keen to get a copy. The numbering on the frame I am currently working on was rusted out, hence my query.