Subject:RE: RE: KJ readdy for a spin!!! Date:Sun May 23 17:05:46 2010
Response to:2946
Hello Russell!
wath do you like to know?
you can send to my e-mail direkt if you like!

Thanks Jorgen


My oppinion for what it is worth is based on what I can see in the photos, it indicates the pattern maker and toolmaker were people with experience and people I would like to meet. I would guess a full time pattern shop with professionals unlike me.
Jorgen would you be willing to share more fabrication information. I may live in the states but i am a Belgiun. You know...the little country where France and Deutchland settle their differences! Meinen allerherzlichsten Dank.

Sending a frech photo of my KJ 1929
that is readdy for a spin this sommer
It,s yest restored and running !
It have the new oilpan!
Cheers Jorgen