From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Winger / Vandre story Date:Thu May 20 22:32:16 2010
One day Dick Winger called Carl Vandre. Dick had this idea to build an in-line 6 cylinder Henderson KJ. Carl agreed to tackle the project.

Carl took two KJ engines in various states of disrepair which Dick supplied, cut 'em apart, removed one cylinder from each, and and glued them back together. Engine block, crankshaft, camshaft, etc.

Everything looked good, so Carl fired up the engine on a test stand. The engine started right up, the crankshaft pushed the appropriate pistons up and down, the camshaft opened the appropriate vales at the right time. Perfect, except for one thing...

The engine and the stand walked themselves right across the shop floor - Carl had miscalculated the counterweights on the crankshaft, and it was horribly out of balance.

Carl made up a new crankshaft, and then Dick was the proud owner of a In-line six-cylinder KJ.