From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Hendersons, those elegant machines - Is there one available? Date:Thu May 6 05:12:32 2010
Response to:2926
Yes please Steve - put my name down, I'd definitely buy one!

I spoke with Rich last week and he asked my thoughts about a reprint with 30 or so extra pages devouted to the later bikes. I told him in my opinion that I didn't feel that a small amount of extra info would significantly add to his fine book that focuses on the Detroit models and that it would be better to collaborate on a separate book that would be dedicated to the Schwinn designed bikes from K model to KL. I have owned bikes, baskets and parts from 1920 to the end of production and there are so many nuances and small changes year to year that they deserve to be covered in depth and separately to help owners of them as best can to get them correctly restored as possible.

This still leaves the 1918 and 1919 models in the lurch so to speak. As an example, I have three sets of photos of original 1918 bikes that all have significant differences in the frame castings and some parts. It may be better served if someone who has studied, owned and or built these models to work with Rich to close out the Will Henderson era.

I will help Rich if he wants to add the extra pages pertaining to the later models but hopefully in addition I may find some time and make the commitment to produce a restoration type guide for the later bikes which he suggested I do.

Hello Craig, i was at Richard Schultz house yesterday afternoon in Le Mars Iowa. Like Doug said, Richard and Steve Cicalone are thinking about adding about 30 more pages (mostly from the 1920K models through 1931)to the original "Henderson, those Elegant Machines" and doing another print, but nothing is firm at this point.


I've been trying for a while to find a copy of this book, but with no luck. Does anyone know where there could be a copy available? (I can't afford to pay a fortune).

Does anyone know how many were originally printed?

Thanks, Craig